Hi again

A lot has happened since my last post. Our 1920’s home fell through due to ooooooollllllllddddd wiring, so insurance was a problem. We found another house in a neighboring city and bought it. Jaden started a new school in November and we love it so much more than his last one. Jack is staying home… Continue reading Hi again


On Friday, Justin had his commissioning ceremony. I’m so proud of him. I wrote him a letter that I wanted to make public. Dear Justin, Day to day life is so overwhelming and I sometimes forget that you are a part of something much bigger. I see you playing games with the boys, entertaining Audrey… Continue reading Commissioning

Life Updates

Life has been a bit overwhelming lately. Both boys have started school. They are doing well and like their teachers. It’s been hard getting back to the school routine. No one likes the early mornings. We also have an update on the home buying. Our blue house fell through. Unfortunately, no one would insure such… Continue reading Life Updates