Garden projects

There’s a large space in our backyard behind the garage that just seems like a waste. Tucked away from the main part of the backyard, it’s not visible from our back deck or play areas.

I decided to use a small patch back there a few feet wide for a garden project. I won’t be planting until this fall, as my plans for this area are a winter cover crop that will hopefully be harvestable by next spring.

It’s ambitious, but I’ll talk more about what I’ll plant later. Right now is the prep work. I have to tear out all the grass and weeds with my cultivator. I’m doing this all manually. No rototiller for me. Audrey and Jack are good helpers.

I’m also prepping a raised bed out front and a shaded side bed in the backyard for other things. Seeds have been mailed and I’m ready to go. Spring is here!

In His love,



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