Empty Tomb Easter Bowl Decor

I have an affinity for antiques. Every once in a while I will purchase an antique, usually from Etsy, and display it or even use it around the house.

One of my favorite and most flexible purchases has been a chipped enamel basin bowl from the early 1920’s. I use it as a container for decorative fillers and change it out every season and holiday. It currently sits on top of a wood slice serving tray on my kitchen bar.

This Easter, I decided to recreate something I have seen floating around Pinterest for years. No, I’m not that creative. Many of my projects are my take on a Pinterest pin I come across.

For my personal project, I decided to use my antique bowl, loose pebbles that we removed from our shower, this moss mat from Amazon, a 4″ terra-cotta planter, sticks from the yard, and my mini hot glue gun.

We have been discussing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus every day at dinner time with the kids, so I’m excited to have a visual now to go along with our talks.

In His love,



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