Hi again

A lot has happened since my last post.

Our 1920’s home fell through due to ooooooollllllllddddd wiring, so insurance was a problem.

We found another house in a neighboring city and bought it. Jaden started a new school in November and we love it so much more than his last one. Jack is staying home for the year, but we will look into possibly sending him to Pre K next year. Audrey is weaned! My babies are too big…

Lately, I’ve busied myself with decorating and redecorating the house for every season and holiday because I’m extra and it’s my house and I can do what I want.

At some point I’ll start doing a home tour. So watch for that if you want to see what our house looks like.

The weather is starting to change here in Virginia and it’s feeling a lot like spring. I’m so excited! Bring on warmer weather and greenery. Winter is so depressing.

I have big plans for gardening, which likely won’t all come to fruition because I no longer have a raised garden bed out back. I have a smaller one out front, though, so something will happen. Tomatoes?

I also have a fun St. Patrick’s Day dinner spread I’ll share when the time comes.

Until then, love to all,



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