Canine Enrichment

Since Max has come to join the family, I have been doing some research on canine enrichment. As a puppy, he is a clean slate and I hope to keep his mind and body stimulated so that he will grow to be a well adjusted dog.

We are currently working on two obedience commands; Park It (my word for sit) and Accio (my word for come). Yes, I’m that nerd who uses Harry Potter spells on my dog. He is doing well for being only 10 weeks old.

He has a variety of toys that I rotate to keep him busy. His current favorites are his snake and his treat ball. With both toys, I stuff them full of his regular food and let him eat one of his meals out of it. It slows him down and makes him think for his food.

It’s a bit tough training him with three wild kids in the house, but I’m trying.

I’m anxious to get into our new house with a much better backyard!


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