Life Updates

Life has been a bit overwhelming lately.

Both boys have started school. They are doing well and like their teachers. It’s been hard getting back to the school routine. No one likes the early mornings.

We also have an update on the home buying. Our blue house fell through. Unfortunately, no one would insure such an old house with old wiring. We had to back out.

We decided that we needed to expand our search. We started looking in the surrounding cities and found a house about half an hour away in the next city. As soon as we walked in, I knew it was the one. It is perfect for our family. We decided to put in an offer and it was accepted the next day. We will start the process over again, but we have a better feeling about this one. It has already seen a lot of upgrades and it is move in ready. We will eventually redo the kitchen to my taste, but it is beautiful as it is and I can definitely live with it until we have time.

All it needs right now is new paint.

Unfortunately, the boys will be changing schools, but they’re resilient. They are military kids.

I will update more on the house soon.




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