How I’m getting ready for Back To School

School starts for two of my babies in only a few days. It has really snuck up on me. Today I decided to sit down and make a list of things that I needed to complete in order to start the year off with as little stress as possible.

First, I decided to declutter the entire house. I feel much more at ease when there is less “stuff” around me. I finally tackled the art, special papers, yearbooks, and class photos from Jaden’s Pre K and Kindergarten years. I’ll post more on that later. I filled a laundry basket full of things that we no longer need for donation, and rounded up all of the items I will need for my Homework Caddy.

Next it’s time to deep clean. I will start with dusting. Then move to vacuuming floors, scrubbing counters, completely sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen, deep clean appliances inside and out, and then mop and polish the floors. Walls and baseboards will be cleaned, windowsills vacuumed, mirrors and glass doors shined, and bedding cleaned.

I will tackle closets and organize clothing by seasons, make a list of what is needed, and store out of season clothes.

Finally, I will stock up on packable lunch items and plan out the meals for the first two weeks of school, to leave a little bit of time for all of the beginning of the year chaos that would otherwise get tangled up with my usual weekly meal planning.

I know that a clean, uncluttered home will no doubt help ease us into the Back To School routine. Stay tuned for first day updates!



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