What’s Going On With Us

We've had quite a week. On Monday morning, we woke up early to be at our overseas screening. After waiting for about 45 minutes with three kids (fun!) we were called back.

We went over a little bit of medical history and then we hit a wall. We were informed that because Jaden is under the care of a pediatric neurologist, and because there is no pediatric neurologist in Yokosuka, that we have a good chance of having the orders canceled. After one call to Justin's detailer, he went ahead and canceled the orders to Japan.

We will likely be staying in Norfolk for at least two years, maybe more.

As far as feelings, we're all relieved. We know the high ratings of Japanese orders, but we are happy with staying here. We like it here, we don't want to pull Jaden out of school in the middle of the year, and we have just enrolled Jack in preschool where we would like him to attend a full year.

Other updates include a new-to-us leather couch that I love, and we are slowly gearing up for a new season of school prep and underways.

We will see what life brings our way!


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