Family Trip – Washington D.C.

On Tuesday morning, we packed up the family for an overnight mini vacation to Washington D.C.
We stayed at the Loews Madison Hotel, about 4 blocks from the White House. Upon arrival to our room, we found one double bed. Since they had made an error in our booking, they gave us a penthouse!

I loved that shower.

After we settled a bit, we walked over to see the White House

After stopping for some lunch, we walked on to the Vietnam memorial, where we were caught in a downpour. After some time, we made it to the shelter of the Lincoln memorial. This was so much bigger than I assumed. It was very impressive.

Wet and exhausted, we called an uber to come pick us up and take us back to the hotel. Our driver was an incredibly nice man originally from Ethiopia.

Once we returned to our room, we spent way more money on room service than we did the actual room. I had a bottle of Spanish wine with my dinner, thank you very much.

The next morning, we grabbed a quick breakfast in the lobby Starbucks before checking out.
We drove through historic Georgetown where I almost ripped the door hinges off the van when I saw The Frye Company in the cutest little historic building. I love boots…
After that, we went to Arlington National Cemetery where we saw the Kennedy burial site and eternal flame.

We had a really good time. I hope we can go back someday and see more, but it’s pretty hard to see all we want to see with three kids in tow.


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