One Pork Loin – 9 Meals

After Justin’s diagnosis of a severe poultry allergy, that really put a strain on my meal planning and food budget. I was relying heavily on stretching a whole chicken once a week. In order to save money, I had to come up with another way to use a large piece of meat in an economical way. Enter the pork loin. I look for a good sized loin a couple of times a month. Butchering it myself allows me to customize my cut choices and I can often make 9 meals with one loin.

This particular loin was 6.82 lbs and cost $1.97 per pound. From this loin, I can get stew meat, 2 roasts, 12 thin chops, and 4 thick chops. Altogether, this will give my family of five 9 dinners.


Butchering your own loin is pretty simple. I start by cutting the ends and chopping it into chunks for stew meat. Then I slice 10-12 small chops from one side and 4-5 thick chops on the other. I slice the middle in half to create 2 roasts.


Separate by meals and place into gallon freezer bags. Done! I will post some of the recipes I make regularly to use up this meat.

Love to all,


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